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  futsal program IN NORTHWEST GEORGIA to develop players to THE next level!

About us

BRA5IL FUTSAL is a youth futsal developmental academy created in 2017. We provide the same training methods used in Brazil to improve players, allowing them to reach the next level. We offer the opportunity to accelerate their development through our yearly academy program and camps.

"Train like the Pros"


meet the team



Our goal is to give each player the best possible chance to play at their highest potential. The objective of our program is to maximize the quality of each player by developing their technical and tactical skills through high quality training and playing. Players have the opportunity to accelerate their development by competing on a weekly basis in the academy.

Bra5il Futsal Camps provide the same training methods used in Brazil in order to improve each player (boys/girls), allowing them to reach the next level. Players are divided into groups according to age and level skills. The camps are coached by Bra5il Futsal staff and focus on individual skills. Players will focus on technical skills, participating in drills that emphasize dribbling, passing, and shooting, as well as 1v1 moves while maintaining a fast pace. Each player will improve their skills with hundreds of quality touches.



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"Joining the Bra5il Futsal is the single best thing we've done to help Sara improve at soccer. My only regret is what we didn't discover it sooner. The coaches are patient, professional and really amazing."

T. thornton

"What a great experience has for Andres to training with Bra5il Futsal. Very impressed with BF coaches knowledge. We'll continue training with the best and we recommend BF 100%."

C. Ardilla

" My experience with Bra5il Futsal has been awesome, my son Sebastian has improved a lot in the control the ball, making better decisions, a lot of discipline and excellent training sessions, they are the best coaches".

L. Ortiz

"Futsal has been the training method that has develop stars like Neymar, Ronaldinho, Ronaldo, Messi and many more".

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