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Our Mission

To maximize the players technical development through Futsal.  To accomplish this mission, we offer an advanced academy program, giving players the opportunity to play futsal and train with professionals year round. 

Our Director


Elmo MArques Ferreira "Neto"

Director Coach/ Ex-Professional Player

Elmo Marques Ferreira "Neto", is a retired professional soccer player, born in Goias, Brazil. When he was 12, he was scouted and recruited from the futsal club of his hometown. He started playing outdoor soccer professionally when he was 17 years old for Friburguense Atletico Clube in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He traveled and played for teams across the world, helping him expand his skills, as well as his knowledge that created a winning attitude that he still has today. He has developed a passion for coaching and passing along all the knowledge that he has acquired throughout his career. He truly believes that the development of individual ball skills and learning how to handle the ball at an early age is crucial for success later on.

Professional Player Experience:

  • Player Experience (Pro)​ 

  •   2017/18 - Harrisburg Heat (MASL)

  •   2016/17 - Harrisburg Heat (MASL)

  •   2015/16 - Cedar Rapids Rampage (MASL)

  •   2015 - Brazilian National Team (WMF Word Cup)

  •   2014/15 - Syracuse Silver Knights (MASL)

  •   2013/14 - Syracuse Silver Knights (MASL)

  •   2013/12 - Syracuse Silver Knights (MISL)

  •   2012/11 - Missouri Comets (MISL) 

  •   2009/10 - B.U.A.P. (Mexico)

  •   2008/06 - Guanabara Esporte Clube (Brazil)

  •   2007/04 - Friburguense Atletico Clube (Brazil)

  •   2005/05 - Esporte Clube Baraunas (Brazil)

  •   2003/02 - U.A.H. (Mexico)

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